Tuesday, October 20, 2009


hari ni menghabiskan layan mata dr mengantuk dgn surfing about skincare....
xtawu nak pakai skincare apa utk remove all scars and to overcame an open pores
haish ssh tol...
So terjum[a beberapa fakta yg boleh di "take-note "kan...

**How to overcame serious Acne problem ***
1. Avoid oily foods

2. Avoid sugary drinks, common mistake that a lot people do which is avoiding oily food but taking a whole lot of sugared drinks.
3. Avoid cheese and milk, or anything related to milk.
4. Drink plenty of plain water.
5. Use oxy daily wash and continue using it.
6. Sleep very early at nights.
7. Avoid seafood
8. WORKOUT ~workouts reduces your hormon by half coz the other half is used to repair damage muscle tissues during workout ...