Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ghost is Back!!!!

Bestnyer dah der Ghost 2 at 8tv.. cam Ghost 1st season...
Jgn la mengecewakan kami..huhu

And Kpd 8tv..cepat2 la upload cite tue..kat
Kesian kat kami yg berkeja shift nie tau...
Apa-apa pun...lets Watch it!!!! :p

sedikit synopsis yg di cilok dr :

Starting 19 April

Ghost 2 takes place a few years after where the original left off. It’s a few years later, and she is investigating the story of a missing girl who ran away from home. She tracks down the girl but realizes that it’s actually not the girl she’s seeing but her ghost!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Apa aku buat hari ini?...

7.30 pg- Aerobics 30 minutes

9.00 a.m-Swimming with Fais, Emmy, Wan, And Amy-Q kat Presient 11 nyer swimming pool
-Amy teach us how to do "Free Style"...
-Wan, Emmy and Fais berjaya lakukannyer...EXCEPT ME :p....(Susah tau)

11.30 a.m- Lunch kat umah fais
-Best tau fais msk..Ayam msk kicap+Salad + sambal belancan emmy yg sedap( cayalah emmy)

2.00 p.m- Tgk wayang,...He's is Just Not Into You
- Just bagi 3 STAR for this movie....may be leh up ckit kot 4 STAR ...ok x?...

Tp ayat paling best yg bole di take note...ermm

"Perempuan suka mengumpulkan apa yg lelaki buat (yg sebenarnya di anggap kecil bagi lelaki)..untuk di jadikan Hint/Sign..kononnya lelaki itu meminati mereka. Padahal hakikatnya bukan begitu..."

NOTE: So watch out girls...don't be so PERASAAN, accept he SAY it..K!!!

fadeeya84 ^-^

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Good Old Days

Pernah tgk cerita The Good Old Days tak?...
This is my favorite drama...ever...
Ingat masa dulu (masa tue umur ku lebih kurang 13 thn kot)...
My Sis and me x pernah miss tengok ceirta nie....
(masa tue my sis x pergi boarding school lagi.)
Best sgt cerita nie....and ianya buat aku rindu sama zaman kanak2 ku....( rindu my sis)
Yang paling aku suka dalam cite ni ialah pelakon nyer AMY CHAN...she is so pretty =)...

And x sangka setelah berbelas-belas tahun...ianya di tayangkan semula di NTV7...SAYANG NTV7..muahhh
(Weekdays : 1.30-2.30p.m)

Synopsis : (short synopsis from me)

Is about a man named Ho Sang that married to Sau Ho ( i don't know how to spell it) but they are not in love. At that time Ho Sang already got a girlfriend. As time goes by, Ho Sang broke up with his girlfriend. After that the love between Ho Sang and Sau Ho blossom.
But at last, Ho Man has to be a soldier and go to war. He lost his memory and fell in love with a nurse , who take care of him.

Synopsis (Long synopsis from

"Its setting takes place during the Chinese Revolution. In the year 1930, the war between Japan and China is at peak. Millions die! Thousands loose their home and family. Steven Ma, an intellectual-well educated young man, was born from a rich family with high political morals. He met his first lover at a Medical University. They engaged and were ready for a blissful marriage. Sadly, during a revolt, she died while trying to save his life. He then goes on to meet Sheren Tang, whose looks exactly as his first lover. He falls for her.

His mother is ill and to raise the family spirit they arrange a marriage for him with Amy Chan (the family's house maid). The mother really likes Amy Chan so even though Steven loves Sheren he doesn’t want to see his mother illness getting worse so he goes along with the marriage.

At first he doesn’t like Amy and treats her very badly but as the series goes on they go through a lot together -.... he realizes Amy is a really good person, whose loves him dearly and would do anything for the him and his family. He eventually falls in love with her. Although Amy is a peasant girl, she foresees his goal as Sheren did not. She knows that her husband is a patriot. She does not stop him from pertain his desires. He joins the army to fight the Japs, thus leaving his wife and family to carry on the family business.

At first the family struggle but with Amy, Gilbert and Sheren's hard work they managed to keep the family business going, even expanding to Shanghai then to Hong Kong.

One stormy night, Sheren turns up at Steven's home. Amy Chan, being the kind and understanding wife, accepts Sheren (whose is four months pregnant) in the family as Steven's second wife (even though the guy isn’t even around). Gilbert Lam (Steve's younger brother-the unwanted child in the family), touches by Amy's gratitude toward Sheren, starts to see her somewhat more than a sister-in-law. To him, Amy has it all: talent, beauty and moral values. His feelings for her enhance day by day. After the downfalls of the family, Amy, Gilbert and Sheren try their best to keep things intact. They sold most of the family's properties and are heading to Shanghai to rebuild the family's status. Since Amy and Sheren are both illiterate, Gilbert tries his best to help. Amy is an intellectual girl, she learns quickly. The three live together in a small apartment and are happy as friends and family. No-ones aware of Gilbert's feelings toward Amy. Years pass by, Amy learns of Steve's death by a comrade (although he is alive, but loses his memories). She still takes good care for Steve's family due to her promises before he left. Sheren and Gilbert stay by her side. Time after time, when Amy accepts Steve's death, Gilbert wants to replace his brother's shadow in her heart. He wants to take care for her, but too afraid to speaks of his intentions. He knows now that he is much in love with her. He shows his concern for her by putting her on top of every thing. When she is sick, he stays up all night. When she weeps, he feels heartbreaking inside. He buys a stone necklace for her. This symbolizes his love. One night, Gilbert is too drunk, he confess and is rejected by her. This pains his heart. He then realizes that he can never replace his brother's place in Amy’s heart. He finally sees the truth: he will never have her. So he leaves quietly to Hong Kong at the next twilight.

Whilst in war Steven looses his memory; he meets and falls in love with a nurse, Maggie Sui Mei Kei. After the war they both try and seek Steven's past. Maggie does not know that Steven is already married and has a beautiful seven-year-old daughter.

This is where things gets more exciting & complicate. Steve’s real love is Amy, but due to the loss of memory he can’t recognize her- thus rejecting her. While Amy is facing a toughest moment in her life, Sheren falls for a business man in Shanghai. Gilbert comes back from Hong Kong and his love for Amy hasn’t changed though time has passes.

This is a very long series but very good and worth watching.

By Lilmissword
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